I have an update on what I have been up to since Jan. 1st. 
I have done some traveling including 3 weeks in Florida in the winter and a one week Alaska Cruise. Now for current events.  I have just received a governors appointment to be a director on the Minnesota Amateur Athletic Association. This entails responsibilities to set rules and regulations for all amateur athletics in our great state. Huge responsibility, but as everyone knows, I already do all I can for amateur athletics.  

Everyone has the right to learn!!!

   This Bio is from 2018 but I will leave it up as it tells a little about me.
  I am Craig Angrimson and am asking for your vote as your representative on the 196 school board. I have served my country with the United States Marine Corps, been president of local 35- IUOE for three years, served on labor/management board with metropolitan council, chair of safety committee with same, involved with Eastview band fund-raising and co chair the security team for one of the biggest band festivals in the states for four years, and coached traveling softball.  Also, in 2015, I chaired the all night senior party on graduation night for over 400 seniors who attended.  We ran this with a great support staff, and were able to have the lowest starting ticket prices in town ($65). This was so on budget, that we were able to contribute back to the Eastview Community Scholarship Fund!

My wife Gail and I moved to district 196 twenty nine years ago, due to the the high standards of arts and academics offered. We had no children at the time, but knew we would have a family some day. I am now the proud father of a 24 year old daughter- Rachel, who graduated from Eastview High School, and also graduated from Mn State Mankato with her teaching degree.  Her senior year at Eastview, she was awarded one of 16 student of the year(out of 506 students).  At Mankato, she earned her degree in elementary education with a minor in Spanish.  She is now 1 credit shy of her masters degree.  She just finished her first year as a first grade teacher at highland elementary in our district.

I have experience to help this district. For three years, I was a leader as a union president for IUOE local 35. I also am  a member of the St. Paul Labor Federation, Labor/management committees with the Metropolitan Council,many activities at Eastview High School, including running security for their huge annual marching band festival.  I also have many contacts not only on a local level, but in St Paul also. 
During my last 4 years as your board member,  I have visited all of our 31 schools at least 3 times, while still working my regular job.  I have served on wellness, budget, legislative, curriculum, and equity committees. I consider this job as your board member an honor, and I give it the respect it deserves. 

 One of the things I am proud to say is that I make every effort to respond back to all people who reach out to me as your board member.  Many of you will attest to this.  These decisions we make are very difficult, with many valid point on all sides.  I like to hear all variables, then base my vote on many factors, including citizen response.  

I would be honored to continue to serve as your board member.

Craig Angrimson
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